About Us

Our range of products are all handmade, artisan products made the old fashioned way.

It all started with buying calves and raising them by hand. Soon these “calves” had calves of their own and their milk had to be used in some way.
We decided that a cheese making course at Grootplaas cheese academy would be the solution. Soon the production became quite a handful and we decided to sell our cows to the family dairy and focus mainly on producing quality products.

Ethically produced products

We source our Jersey milk from our family dairy. The milk is tested weekly for butterfat, somatic cell count, protein & bacterial count.
The milk is always A-grade quality, antibiotic free with no added hormones.

Our products like Cream cheese, Cottage cheese, Halloumi, Feta, Butter, Buttermilk, Labneh, Amazi, Mascarpone, Crème Fraiche & Strained Yoghurts do not contain any stabilizers(starches) and or preservatives. Our cultures used in these products are NON GMO cultures. The Rennet that we use is microbial Rennet also of a NON GMO origin.
We are intent on producing a quality product with wholesome goodness. For us, quality is far more important than quantity. You can find our products at Star Food @ Prison Break Market weekly from Wednesday -Saturday, 09:00-15:00 and every Saturday at Pretoria BoeremarkBusstop 7 Open Air Market and Hazel food market.
Dirk & Lara-Lee Venter

Our Team

Dirk Venter

Co-Founder, Marketing & Busstop 7 market

Lara Venter

Co-Founder, Cheesemaker & Hazel food market

Lizette Venter

Graphic design, Marketing & PTA Boeremark

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